User Reviews API


This api provides a way to search user reviews left on the website by providing a free text training resource used by user. Only one training resource can be supplied. All the user reviews which mentions these training resources will be returned in the response.

Get User Reviews by Training Resource:

GET: /api/v1/user-reviews/training-resource/{training resource}
Example: to search for user reviews which mentions "Linux Academy" -  /api/v1/user-reviews/training-resource/Linux Academy

Response Structure:

    "benefits": "string",
    "certTitle": "string",
    "certified": "string",
    "daysToPrepare": "string",
    "expiryYear": "string",
    "resource": "string",
    "review": "string"

Response Fields

Field NameDetails
This is the title of the review as given by the user. The title may vary by the user.
A Yes/No indicator denoting if the person is certified or not. 
Number of days taken to prepare for the certification. 
This is the month and year when the certification will expire. 
List of resources used for preparation. 
Benefits of the certification. This is a list and values will always be constant.
The actual detailed review from the user. 

Get Started

Getting started is a three step process. Follow the directions on the link to get started today.