To better understand the structure of our data, let us first look at the common terminologies used: 

Certificate/Certifications: Certification is the formal attestation or confirmation of certain characteristics of an object, person, or organization. This confirmation is often, but not always, provided by some form of external review, education, assessment, or audit. Certificates are issued by a given Authority after completion of the requirements. The requirements may include attending an in-person training, online training or a combination thereof. This is often followed by an exam which may be proctored or not. Based on the certification provider, the exams are either taken at a test center or from a location of your choice, example home, office etc. 

Industry: An Industry is the highest level of abstraction. All certificates are associated with a respective industry. Common examples of an industry are Information Technology, Finance, Project Management, Education, Investments, Healthcare, Health and Fitness. 

Authority: In first-party certification, an authority (individual or organization) providing the good or service offers assurance that it meets certain claims. In second-party certification, an association to which the authority (individual or organization) belongs provides the assurance. Third-party certification involves an independent assessment declaring that specified requirements pertaining to a product, person, process, or management system have been met.

Example Walk Through

The above concepts can be easily explained with an example. In the Information Technology field there are wide variety of certifications available. One of the most popular open sourced coding language in the world is Java. Oracle is the certification authority that provides Java Certification. 

To leverage our data, you need to first decide on what solution best meets your requirement. We have created two solutions to give you our data.

  1. Use our API's - The API's available are an ideal solution, if you need real time certification data.  List of API's available are :
    • Get All Certificates - This endpoint will give you entire details of all the certifications present in our database. 
    • Get Certificates By Authority - This endpoint will give you all the certifications associated with an authority. Example for Amazon Web Services as the input authority, there are currently 12 certificates. Check request and response for more details. 
    • Get Certificates By Industry - This endpoint will give you all the certifications associated with an Industry. Example for Information Technology Industry, it will give you a detailed level breakdown of all certificates across various authorities. 
    • User Review API - One of the most powerful feature of our open sourced community is unbiased opinions of actual certificate holders. It is now easy to use reviews on your website from us using an API solution. 
  2. Use file formats -  If your requirement is not real time consumption of data, we recommend using the file formats available. The common file formats available are tab delimited, .csv, .xls and .xlsx. Additional file formats supported are XML and json. These file formats can be easily ingested into your source systems.
  3. On-Demand Optional Fields - When it comes to certifications, there is a lot of data associated with it. The most common fields are Price, Validity, Expiration, Exams (Yes/No) and Certification Details (topics covered), which is provided in all solutions. Additionally, we also store NAICS and ONETONLINE code that are commonly associated with job portals. These are optional on-demand and not available for common use.