Certificates API


The API is used for getting the certificates details offered by various industries. It exposes 3 endpoints which can be used to get details in different manner. The structure of the response returned by all of the 3 endpoints are same.

Below are the details.

Get All Certificates:


The endpoint is used to get details of all the certificates which ReviewNPrep website displays. As more and more certificates get added, they will be returned through this API.

Get Certificates By Authority:

GET: /api/v1/certificates/authority/{authority}

The endpoint is used to get details of all the certificates for an issuing authority. For example: AWS or Azure. The usage is shown below:

Example -  GET: /api/v1/certificates/authority/AWS

Get Certificates By Industry:

GET: /api/V1/certificates/industry/{industryType}

The endpoint is used to get details of all the certificates for a specific industry. For example: Cloud or Agile. A comma separated list of various industries can also be supplied to get certificates for multiple industries. However the list is limited to 4 values only. 

Example: GET: /api/v1/certificates/industry/cloud,agile

Response Structure:

    "name": "string",
    "authority": "string",
    "certType": "string",
    "certURL": "string",
    "activeStatus": boolean,
    "certDetails": "string",
    "exam": "string",
    "examdetails": "string",
    "price": "string",
    "validity": "string",
    "websiteURL": "string",
    "naicsCode": "string",
    "onetOnlineCode": "string",
    "courses": "string"

Response fields

nameThis is the name of the certification as stated by the authority. 
authorityThis is the name of the certification authority. 
This denotes what category the certification belongs to. Example categories are Cloud, Agile, Insurance etc.
This is the URL for the certification authority which is updated by the actual authority.
A binary indicator denoting if the certification is still active or not. 0 - Active 1 - Inactive.
The general details of the certification. Can include topics covered in the certification.
A Yes/No indicator denoting if a certification has an exam or not.
If a certification has exam, this field will have all related information about the exam.
This is the listed price of the certification in USD. This may include training cost and the exam cost. 
Validity of the certification as listed by the authority in years. 
The URL of the authority who is offering the certification.
The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is used by the United States, Canada, and Mexico to classify businesses by industry.
The O*NET Code Connector helps workforce professionals determine the correct O*NET-SOC codes for job orders, job applicants, and UI claimants.
These are the recommended courses that an individual can take to prepare for the certifications. 

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